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OMNIview offers a series of white papers on the subjects of talent selection, talent management and general HR topics.

Common Employee Selection Tools: Trends and Recommendations

Overview Employee selection is the starting point for effective Talent Management. A strong employer brand can be a true competitive differentiator for an organization. Building a strong brand starts with being concerned with the candidate experience during the selection process. The initial experience of the candidate during the selection process is likely to have a major impact on their view of the organization’s culture, their perception of the value being placed on talent, and their perception of the sophistication of the organization’s talent management processes. Effective employee selection involves more than establishing a strong employer brand and attracting and hiring…

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Social Self-awareness Validation – A Modern (and Better) Alternative to Traditional 360 Surveys

Statistics indicate that currently the number of people using social media is over 4.95 billion worldwide.  Connectivity is ranked as one of the most significant benefits of social media, linking countless users at any time, everywhere. Users use their connections to share memories, exchange information and opinions, and keep current. They gather inputs on everything including validating their own perceptions. It would seem logical that their perception of their own personal strengths and development needs could also be validated through social means. We will examine this approach as an alternative to traditional 360 surveys.  TRADITIONAL 360 SURVEYS A traditional 360 assessment…

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Unlocking the DNA of Potential

THE MYSTERY OF POTENTIAL High Potential is defined as having a high likelihood of advancing one or more levels in the organization. It is a predictive measure of being able to successfully navigate transitions across leadership levels. While the definition of potential may be relatively well understood, an accurate measurement of potential is not. Potential is not always readily apparent. It is a quality that lies within the individual, much like DNA. What are the component parts of potential? This is the mystery of potential. Once we can unlock the DNA of potential and identify the component parts, we can…

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Self-Directed Learning in a Post-Covid Work Environment

IMPACT ON STUDENT LEARNING COVID had a highly significant and demonstrable negative impact on student learning. Classrooms and teaching went virtual and admissions for the 2020/2021 academic year were fraught with confusion (Azoulay, 2020). Declines were observed in the US and across the world in all grade levels. According to the Education Recovery Scorecard, a collaboration between Harvard and Stanford, the average U.S. public school student in grades 3-8 lost the equivalent of a half year of learning in math and a quarter of a year in IMPACT ON EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT There is less information on how COVID impacted learning…

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How to Refresh Post-Covid Organizational Culture

WHAT IS ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE? The COVID-19 pandemic has unquestionably had an impact on organizational culture and changed assumptions about how people interact and get things done at work. To fully understand the impact on organizational culture, we must first define what we mean by organizational culture and identify its component elements. Organizational culture can be a difficult term to define. Its importance changes based on the company and the elements it encompasses can have different criticalities. But how do we shape such a broad concept to better adapt to post-COVID realities, and refresh it in a way that will bring…

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